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Pure Spectrum is a company which is known for its top-notch phytocannabinoids. They deliver some of the most d best phytocannabinoid wellness products available today. Their commitment to the ideals of “self-healing, happiness, and longevity” is not just at face value but reflected in their products as well. Pure Spectrum is a genuine, honest company which utilizes emerging extract systems combined with innovative infusion processes, thereby setting the standards for phytocannabinoids manufacturing. This Colorado-based company is known for truly organic ‘seed to sale’ CBD hemp products.

What are the Products available on Pure Spectrum?

Pure Spectrum Isolate
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Pure Spectrum Hemp Oil
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Pure Spectrum has products which utilized the benefits of CBD for self-healing and longevity. Their products include

  • Tinctures with both CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD
  • CBD isolate Concentrate
  • Pre-filled Cartridges
  • CBD pain salve
  • Pet line of CBD products
  • Pure Spectrum Lotion

Here’s a little more on the Best Sellers

Pure Spectrum Best Sellers

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Hemp Oil Tincture

It has organic full-spectrum CBD oil and is further infused with organic nutraceutical-grade CBD isolate for best results. The oil has a smooth taste and a better absorption rate than most other CBD products. It comes in Standard 500gm packs with 2,3,5,10 pack capacity.

99% CBD Isolate

The CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD. This 99% CBD isolate is available in 1, 10, 50-gram packs.

Full Spectrum Lotion

This is a phytocannabinoid blend which consists of Pure Spectrum blend, cocoa butter, Aloe Vera extracts, and olive oils. It works as a night relaxing cream and pain reliever.

Why is Pure Spectrum an ideal choice for CBD products?

  • Pure Spectrum employs solvent-free CO2 extraction and both full spectrum and isolates options so you may choose according to need.
  • All products are tested for potency and purity. They are monitored by a third-party for testing for residual solvents to ensure purity.
  • All vape cartridges are made from tempered glass, which is a big environmental plus over conventional plastic cartridges.
  • Pure Spectrum sources certified organic industrial hemp from Colorado for all its products.
  • Pure Spectrum is one of the few CBD companies to be awarded a GMP certificate. The certificate, which stands for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), ensures products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.
  • They maintain a natural standard of ingredients which we rarely see in the vape sector
  • The CBD derived terpenes are delicious and not too strong.

What needs to be improved in Pure Spectrum?

There are not too many cons or areas of improvement given that their products are high quality, natural and thoroughly tested. But they could improve their line of products to include more like gummies.

Shipping and Other Details

Shipping is free for all orders over $100. Shipping is fast and they have a 30-day return policy as well. All orders are shipped within 48 hours of delivery and shipping available in the USA, Australia, and Canada.

  • Price Range of the Products: $40 – $120 approximately

Test Results

Any CBD company which is genuine should get its products tested by third parties. They ensure quality control, absence of chemicals and harmful substances and a THC level below .3%. Pure Spectrum publishes their test results on its website for all to see. If you are buying from them, you can know all the details about the product you are buying and are not kept in the dark.

  • Lab Test Results: All US states, some EU countries, and Australia

Customer Service

Customer support is prompt. You can contact them at 303 674 5759 or email them at Support@puresepctrumcbd.com for an instant response. All queries are instantly answered and doubts cleared.

Pure Spectrum’s line of products impresses us with their ingredients lists which are all organic and natural. They have the backing of health-minded individuals who wish to tap upon the potential and all the wonder that hemp has to offer. We are happy to see their products being bought by scores for their medical benefits and quality.

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