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If you are looking to buy all things beauty & bath, health supplements, sports supplements, products for your babies, and fur babies iHerb.com is the one place for all. It’s the alternative you were looking for in your local drugstore to browse and shop while sitting in the comfort of your home. Read along to find out all about iHerb and how it can help you save.

iHerb is one of the largest U.S based online retailers of brand-name natural products, beauty products, nutritional supplements, health foods, and personal care products based out of Pasadena C.A. The site has a massive range of products that covers the most popular brands at unbelievable discounts. Their product range is so vast that there is hardly any supplement or beauty product that you won’t find on their online store.

Here are some of the popular products from iHerb in each category

Health Supplements

iHerb has a long category of health supplements to choose from which include vitamins, minerals, fish oils, minerals, antioxidants. You can choose supplements according to specific concerns like sleep, joint pains, women’s health, or children’s health.

Some of the popular health supplements are:

California Gold Nutrition, Gold C, Vitamin C, in 1000mg

These capsules are available in 2 counts and are one of the bestsellers on the site with more than 12k positive reviews.
California Gold Nutrition

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Now Foods Vitamin D-3, 125mcg in soft gel

These capsules are available in 3 counts and are one of the bestsellers on the site with more than 11k positive reviews.
Now Foods Vitamin D-3

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21st Century Folic Acid, 400mcg

These capsules are available in one package quantity and are one of the bestsellers on the site in Women’s health.21st Century Folic Acid

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Sports Supplements

The category of sports supplement covers all your needs from supplements, proteins, post-workout recovery, pre-workout, muscle builders, sports bars, and sports accessories.

Some of the bestsellers are:

California Gold, Hydration UP, Electrolyte Drink mix powder

The electrolyte drink mix powder is available in 5 flavors, which are low-calorie electrolytes with Vitamin C&E. It has no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.
California Gold Nutrition

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Optimum Nutrition, Gold Standard 100% Whey

The Whey Protein Isolate drink helps build and maintain muscle, also supports endurance and recovery. It is tested on banned substances and is one of the bestsellers on the site with an almost 5-star rating.
Optimum Nutrition

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Optimum Nutrition, Micronized Creatine Capsules

The capsules support muscle strength and power and are tested for banned substances. The product has more than 1k positive reviews.
Micronized Creatine Capsules

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California Gold Nutrition, Variety pack a snack bar

The pack consists of 12 individually packed bars of 2 in every flavor. The bar contains No-GMO, No-Soy, and No-trans Fat. The product is a bestseller with more than 27k positive reviews.
Variety Pack Snack Bars

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Beauty Products

The category beauty products offer your everyday use makeup, moisturizers, cleansers, face mask&peels, K-beauty, and accessories.

Some of the best-selling products are:

Life-Flo, Pure Rosehip seed oil

The multi-purpose oil can be used for the face, body, and hair. The cold-pressed oil is certified organic and is rich in Vitamin E. The product is a best seller and has 40k reviews with a 5-star rating.
Pure Rosehip Seed Oil

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Aztec Secret, Indian Healing Clay

The Indian healing clay is one of the most used beauty DIY ingredients. It has multiple uses which can be used on the face, body, and even hair. The product has a 4.5-star rating with more than 8k reviews.
Indian Healing Clay

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Radiant Seoul Hydrating Beauty Sheet Mask

The sheet mask visibly softens and smooths skin with the goodness of oolong tea, spinach, and hyaluronic acid. The sheet mask is a K-beauty product with 4.6 ratings.
Hydrating Beauty Sheet Mask

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Mad Hippie, Triple C night cream

The night cream has 19 actives with Reishi & Turmeric helps in revitalizing sun-damaged and aging skin. The cream is Vegan and cruelty-free and has 4.6 stars with 1.5k reviews.
Triple C Night Cream

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Benefits of shopping on iHerb

iHerb has the best selection of dietary supplements and sports supplements. You can find supplements based on diets like Keto, Vegan, Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Paleo, Vegetarian, Kosher, Non-GMO, Cruelty-free, Vegetarian and Organic.

Buy supplements from known brands like California Gold Nutrition, 21st Century, Nature’s Answer, Natrol, and Now Foods.

The beauty and personal care product range covers brand names and popular K-beauty products. It allows users to search for products based on their needs by simplifying their search by concerns which is popular among consumers.

Some of the brands that you can shop for are Aveeno, Physicians Formula, Cetaphil, Advanced Clinicals. Popular K-Beauty brands that you can shop for are Radiant Seoul, Cosrx, Some by Mi, and Ideal love.

iHerb is truly a one-stop shop for all your needs as it also offers home needs, products for pets, kids, and groceries.

While you are shopping for all your needs iHerb does give you a range of offers to save on various products with fast shipping.

It is popular in many countries as it ships worldwide and thus making it popular among international consumers. The retailer is popular in Europe as consumers love the fact that they can order products that aren’t available there and get them delivered within a few days with their fast delivery options.

Tips to save money on iHerb Purchases

  • New customers get a 5% discount on their first iHerb order
  • Shop the SUPER DEALS to save up to 77% on supplements, vitamins, and natural health products.
  • Shop brands of the week for saving up to 20%.
  • Shop what’s new at iHerb and get 10% off on their latest finds.
  • Save as low as $1 by trying new products via the iHerb’s Trial page. You can get up to 75% off on iHerb Brands.
  • Use the iHerb Rewards Program referral program and get a 5% discount on your next order.
  • Earn Reward Credits that you can redeem on your purchases by reviewing the products you have purchased.
  • Shop by Autoship which is their brand-new feature, allowing customers to subscribe to their favorite products and the frequency of delivery. You get a 15% discount on your first order and 5% off on all future orders. Shipping is FREE.

Tips to keep in mind before you buy

  • Do check out all the coupon sites for a special discount on products before you pay. Also, don’t forget to use a iHerb Coupon Codes to get an extra discount.
  • If you are ordering from outside the U.S remember to check the custom duty or additional taxes you would have to pay for your purchases before checking out.

The shopping experience at iHerb

Shopping at iHerb is just like browsing through your local drugstore but with more options to choose from with a side of savings. Their site is easy to browse with 12 different products categorized which makes it easy to find any particular product you are searching for.

As they have various types of deals going on brands and products you are sure to get a sweet deal on your purchases letting you enjoy some savings.

Customer support

You can contact their customer support via email which is available 24/7, or chat with a virtual assistant from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays.

Payment options

They have multiple payment options that you can choose from like Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, American Express, Union Pay, Discover, JCB, Dinner Club, Apple Pay, Klarna, and PayPal.


  • iHerb ships to over 185 countries directly from their warehouses located in the U.S and South Korea. The shipping differs according to the country the product needs to be shipped to.
  • The site offers FREE SHIPPING on orders over $20.
  • They also offer expedited shipping.

Shopping at iHerb is an exhilarating experience with the wide range of products, it has to offer combined with international shipping and great offers and discounts. There are a few features iHerb is lacking and needs to improve on due to which the site receives many negative reviews.

The first is the taxes and import duties that an international customer needs to bear to get their shipment cleared by customs in their country. This often happens as iHerb has several localized websites, whereas all the orders are shipped from the U.S to other countries. If you live in a country that imposes heavy import taxes you might end up paying double the price of the product in taxes.

The second drawback of iHerb is their Customer Service not being proactive in solving customer queries. The customer support provided by iHerb is via email and an automated chat, which results in often receiving automated replies on email or email is often ignored.

That being said iHerb just like any other company which has scope to improve by handling their negative feedbacks.

The bottom line is iHerb is a legit website that is safe to buy supplements and health products from. With the thousands of customers leaving positive reviews on their website and the wide selection of products from various brands and offers, discount the minor negative feedbacks can be overseen.

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