All about Omega 3 Supplements – The Complete Guide

Omega-3 is a key nutrient that is crucial for human health. It has for three decades found importance as a superfood that is taken by multiple people for its properties. It plays a prominent role in several aspects like skin, brain, heart and overall health. This has made the sector grow beyond leaps and bounds. It has risen to become a pivotal part of the health care as it is a vital section of alternative medicine that shows how important prevention is over cure. It contains fatty acids of three types:

  • Alpha Linolenic Acid( ALA)
  • Eicosapentaenoic Acid( EPA)
  • Docosahexaenoic Acid(DHA)

These are three essential fatty acids not produced by the body but needed by it in certain quantities for heart health.

Why is there a growing demand for Omega 3 Supplements?

Market trends predict that the global demand for omega 3 supplements is steeply rising. This is because of various reasons, some of which are.

  • Growing health conscious among people
  • Rising awareness about the benefits of omega 3 supplements
  • The sedentary lifestyle that has contributed to a rise in intake of supplements
  • Several research studies that have pronounced and promoted how amazingly potent these supplements are
  • A wide range of use that is for skin, hair, heart health, liver and total body health.

What are the best benefits of Omega 3 Supplements?

Lower Blood Pressure

Omega 3 fatty acids have healthy substances that lower the blood pressure. They impact the reduction of the risk of a high blood pressure triggered issue.

Reduce Triglycerides

Omega 3 also causes a huge reduction in harmful triglycerides by almost 15-30%. It keeps the HDL levels high and prevents the formation of harmful clots. It prevents the formation of plaque that hardens arteries.

Help Fight Depression and Anxiety

Those who consume Omega 3 are less likely to be depressed as the three primary fatty acids are good fighters of depression. EPA, in particular, works against depression and anxiety and is found in multiple drugs.

Improve Eye Health

Omega 3 has DHA which is a major component of the retina and brain and this improves eye health. It helps reduce visual impairment and reduces the risk of blindness. It reduces the degeneration capacity of eyes and helps in better eye health.

Reduce Symptoms of ADHD

Kids with higher omega 3 levels in blood had reduced risk of ADHD. Omega 3 will improve attention and decrease aggression, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness. This shows the benefit of ADHD on kids and this improves the total impact on the health.

Helps Fight Inflammation

It reduces insulin resistance and inflammation and helps fight infection and thus repair any damages. It reduces cytokines and eicosanoids that can contribute to every disease and exaggerate it. Higher Omega 3 intake will thus only reduce the inflammation and improve immunity by preparing the body for fighting more organisms.

Can Improve Mental Disorders

It has been proven that those with psychiatric disorders have lower Omega 3 levels. This means there is a high frequency of mood swings and this may be countered with omega 3. Omega 3 supplements may help decrease the violent behavior and help the blood level of omega to improve.

Good for Skin and Hair

Omega 3 fatty acids are good for skin and hair as DHA is part of the skin’s structural component. It keeps skin moist, supple and manages oil production. It prevents premature aging and manages hydration as well. They also protect skin from all sorts of skin damage and keeps hair follicles strong and shiny.

How much Omega 3 Supplement is safe?

According to the American Health Association, taking up to 3 gms of Omega 3 fish oil daily is safe if it is in supplement form. If you take more than that, it is important to seek medical help.

What are the Side Effects of Omega-3 Supplements?

  • Fishy taste and breath
  • Loose stools
  • Nausea
  • Stomach uneasiness

Top 5 Omega 3 Supplements

Viva Naturals Triple Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil

Viva Omega 3 Fish OilThis is a triple strength that is made from the pure waters. It is 2200mg fish oil, 1400mg EPA and 480mg DHA. It has multiple omega oils and is hexane, heavy toxin and metals free. It is third-party tested and fish is sustainably harvested. It is best for cognitive health and is safe and pure.

OmegaVia Fish Oil

OmegaVia UltraThis is a supplement that promises pure, safe, effective benefits and has 3 times more Omega 3 over normal fish oils. It helps in triglyceride reduction and has SDA, DPA, and ETA apart from the core structural components. The packaging is concise and comes with mentioned dosage as per problem or disorder. It is mercury free and is sustainable.

WHC UnoCardio X2

WHC UnoCardioThis has a total of 84% of total fish oil content and has 1200 mg total omega fatty acids. It is made from sustainable fisheries and helps maintain triglyceride levels and blood pressure. It is best to take such supplements with fatty foods.

Nutrigold Triple Strength Omega-3 Gold

Nutra Gold Omega 3 Gold

This Pharma grade certified fish oil is 1250mg with 1000mg EPA+DHA per softgel. It is a cholesterol-free product that is distilled for purity and perfection. It is made in the USA and meets IFOS standards for concentration and purity.

Omax3 Ultra-Pure

Omax 3

This is a supplement that has 1500mg omega-3 fatty acids that have 1178mg EPA and DHA worth 280mg. It is a pure product that has optimum nutritional value and has a total fish oil content of over 89%. It is developed with physicians from Yale University and has the maximum purity to lower and manage cholesterol. It comes with 60 softgels.

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