Brainy Review on TruBrain

Are you looking for brain booster for better memory and to utilize the brain’s full potential in a healthy way? Then your search has ended at TruBrain. According to the company’s CEO Chris Thompson, the TruBrain products are packed with a punch that’s much more beneficial than a jolt of caffeine. He also added “Our mission is to quantify attention and productivity in the brain, and optimize performance”

Say Hello to TruBrain

They provide brain food in the form of drinks and nutritional bars with nootropics blended to increase mental health, overcome mental blocks and boost our memory.

Why to Choose TruBrain?

  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Subscription
  • Door Delivery
  • Easy cancellations
  • 30 day Money back guarantee
  • Boosts functioning of our brain
  • Customized orders on drinks
  • FDA approved
  • No side effects

Best Products in TruBrain

TruBrain Drinks
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TruBrain Capsules
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TruBrain Cacad
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1. Drinks:

A beverage which can be consumed daily which has all the nutrients you need. It is specially made to improve verbal fluency, focus, and mental endurance.

2. Capsules:

A good research was done and then these capsules are manufactured with the right amount of nootropics, amino acids which provides support to enhance our focus and concentration.

3. Brud:

A coffee enhancer loaded with natural ingredients which have proved in harnessing caffeine and generate alpha brain waves.

Nutritional Content & Benefits:

  • Piracetam – 3 grams

It helps in enhancement of brain’s metabolism, boosts information processing.

  • Carnitine – 500 grams

It helps in boosting mental and physical energy.

  • CDP -Choline – 250 milligrams

It helps support memory and focus.

  • EPA & DHA – 1.2grams

It helps the brain by reducing cell damage, and oxidation of cell membranes.

  • Magnesium- 200 milligrams

It controls proper cell signaling in the brain.

  • Pramiracetam – 300milligrams

It stimulates memory, attention, and learning.

  • Theanine – 200m milligrams

It increases focus and relieves stress.

  • Tyrosine – 350mg

It improves our energy and enhances our mood. 

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When you sign up and subscribe, you get first-hand information about sales, deals, new releases and more. You can get some exclusive discounts and benefit. By subscribing you get 10% off.

Shipping & Return Policy:

TruBrain ships orders within 2-3 days and is also offering international shipping. For return and refunds, you have to contact the team via email within 30 days from the date of subscription or renewal.


TruBrain is building helping in building a performance food and beverage brand for the next generation. They are offering a variety for us to choose within the price range. Grab these amazing products while there are offers persisting. Hurry up!

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